Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Goodbye Cupcake Bites!

One of my favorite co-workers is leaving me for greener pastures... and I am sad, really sad actually. Whenever you see my page filled with new cupcakes and baked goods, it's usually because I am making them for Kayla. You see, I don't actually eat anything I make/ bake. Of course I nibble along the way because I have to make sure they taste good but I don't actually make them for the purpose of me eating them. Everything I make is usually for other people, and it's what I love to do. Kayla LOVES eating what I bake, and I LOVE to bake for her. A symbiotic relationship at it's best. 

Chocolate Cupcake Bites
Yields: about 40+
Recipe/ idea can be found here.

1 box of devil's food cake
1 tub of cream cheese frosting
candy melts (color is your choice)

Bake cake according to the directions on the box. Once completely cool, use a fork to break up the cake into tiny crumbs. Add 3/4 of the frosting and mix well. If you want the bites to be more moist, add the rest of the frosting. I found that 3/4 was sufficiently moist for me. Next, use your hands to fashion appropriately sized balls for your mold.

There are two methods in which you can cover your cupcake bites. You can use candy molds (which can be found at Michael's) or you can use a mini cupcake pan lined with mini cupcake liners. For both methods, spread melted chocolate on the bottom and edges of the mold, then immediately drop an appropriately sized ball of cake. Stick in the freezer until the chocolate has hardened, about 5 - 10 minutes. Next, remove the molded chocolate from either the candy mold or from the cupcakes liners. Dip the tops into another color of candy molds, sprinkle with sprinkles/ jimmies/ whatever and then wait for them to harden once again. And you are done! Enjoy!

The invisible bowl of cake crumbs and cream cheese frosting:

A sea of rolled cake balls:

For some reason this did not work! When I made my dark chocolate peanut butter cups the chocolates came out so easily, they just popped! But I couldn't even pry these out and I ended up chipping the tray so I gave up.

My solution? I spread the melted chocolate onto mini cupcake liners and set them in their mini cupcake pans, plopped a cake ball in and let them harden in the freezer. They ended up being bigger than Bakerella's bites but they were semi-easier to extract. Once they hardened I just peeled off the liners, and they were set. 

I dipped them in both pink and blue melted candy melts and then topped them with sprinkles galore! 

I made little labels with goodbye messages for Kayla. CUTE!


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  2. so adorable! I love the little "miss you" signs

  3. That is one adorable going away party surprise! Who wouldn't want a mini cupcake (or two...or five?)

  4. Awww, bye Kayla! I can't believe you don't eat what you bake. I wish I had that kind of self control!

    Your cupcake bits are cute. How'dyou get such a nice thin coat of candy coating?

  5. Hmmm I don't think I did anything special to get the candy coat thin, just a simple coat and that was it, I guess I was lucky :/

  6. You did such a beautiful job on your cake bites. Nicely done!

  7. How cuuute!! I loved the idea! It's just for a bite! Lovely!

  8. I love how some of your little quotes ends with "FML". =) I would probably use the same sentiment!!! You have an awesome blog, thanks for posting recipes, I can't wait to try some out!

  9. I am going to try this for my daughters bridal shower. i have m&m's with their names and wedding date on it and they will go n the top.