Monday, January 19, 2009

Taylor's Automatic Refresher {San Francisco, CA}

While at the Ferry Plaza Farmer's Market, we decided to do lunch as well. What better place to dine than a place filled to the brim with the best seasonal and fresh produce in the city. But rather than eating from a vendor, we stopped by at Taylor's Automatic Refresher, a burger joint named one of the best in the country by Gourmet Magazine.

B & I shared a Wisconsin Sourdough, a burger with grilled mushrooms, bacon, cheddar cheese, mayo and BBQ on grilled sourdough bread. It was juicy and full of all-American flavor. And the sweet potato fries we had on the side complemented the burger really well, but then again, sweet potato fries complement everything well! The only major disappointment was the size of the burger, it was much tinier than I had expected but oh well...

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