Sunday, January 18, 2009

Egg Salad Sandwiches

School has started and that means my lunches these days are predominately filled with sandwiches and granola bars, not that I'm complaining. Sandwiches can be just as exciting as any other lunch, especially when it's egg salad! Simple, good for you, and creamy deliciousness. 

A huge part of making a good egg salad is making sure the foundations are well set, and this means using perfectly boiled eggs. Don't scoff! Boiling eggs correctly takes more than just being able to boil a pot of water. No my friends, it takes skill. Thankfully, I've included a little lesson on how to boil the perfect egg, with help from the internet of course. Never will you encounter a gray, over-boiled egg again!

Egg Salad Sandwiches
Yields: 2 servings

4 slices of whole wheat bread, toasted
6 hard boiled eggs, shelled
2-3 tbsn. mayonnaise
1 celery stalk, washed and diced
salt and pepper, to taste

To boil eggs perfectly, according to, lay the eggs in a large saucepan and cover in water till it just covers the eggs. On high, bring the water to a boil and let it boil for three minute. After three minutes, remove from the heat and cover with a lid. Let sit for eight minutes. Then drain the pot and run the eggs under cold water. Once cool enough to handle, gently remove the shells.

Roughly chop the eggs. I like to remove half of the egg yolks so that it is a little healthier, but keep or remove the egg yolks to your liking. In a medium bowl, combine the eggs and mayonnaise. Mash with a fork until a consistency of your liking. Then add the celery, salt, and pepper. Smear on some nicely toasted bread and enjoy!


  1. MMMMMMMM. I hadn't thought of egg salad for quite some time. Now I'm craving some. Thanks for the recipe & idea!

  2. This sounds nice and simple and tasty!