Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

1. lanvin {ruched silk top}
this looks so comfy! even after a huge meal... lol

2. carven {silk twill shorts}
a basic for all closets

3. roberto cavalli {testimonial leopard-print satin and lace bra & thong}
ummm, sexy can i?

4. lanvin {amalia cabas leather tote}
this looks huge enough to carry my life but not too huge to make me look like a bag lady.

5. yves saint laurent {arty wooden ring}
arty is right. this is pure art for your finger.

6. lanvin {two-tone leather ballerina flats}
lanvin makes the most gorgeous flats, handsdown.

7. contigo {water bottle}
my favorite water bottle ever! chic and incredibly well designed.

8. dior {diorshow mascara}
always have wanted to try this mascara...

9. globe-trotter {luggage}
globetrotter makes the most gorgeous luggage around! one day, i'll splurge.

10. lush {sex bomb bath bomb}
to have fun in the tub, with or without a lover.

11. marc by marc jacobs {acetate iphone 4g case}
i'd have to have an iphone first wouldn't i?

12. lensbaby {composer lens}
to have a bit of fun with your photos.

13. essie {nailpolish in au natural}
i seriously am obsessed with all of essie's polishes. they are the best!

nothing short of amazing!!!!

i gave up the chance to walk across the brooklyn bridge last time i visited NY, i won't make that same mistake again the next time!

city lights always have a way of drawing me in.

ugh i die for old brick walls and cute bikes.

supposedly off limits now but i must, must visit here the next time i go to hawaii!

can you imagine the sense of peace you'd feel laying here?!

i used to think london was the last place i'd want to go, but now i have this sudden urge to ravage the country!

if only i had some hot louboutins to trek across in!

this almost seems unbelievable, like a castle in the sky!

when given the chance to go to paris, never pass it up!

i deeply wish i was that man (except with a top on, of course).

All images from Pinterest and Net-a-porter.
Images are linked to their sources.


  1. stunning! how do u always find the best travel photos? i want to be all those places right now ;)

  2. love these posts. great selections - i love it all. i want to go to the haiku stairs sooo bad.


  3. Your Tailored Tuesdays kill me. Every. Time. I want everything. And your destinations always look divine—you make me want to hop on a plane and head somewhere exotic. That Lanvin bag would be fabulous for plane rides, don't you think?

  4. gorgeous!! i want to go to all of those places, in that hot little outfit!

  5. wow i just discovered your blog through browsing my explore in google reader and i am completely smitten. how did i not find you before?!

    i love this tuesday series. i have a feeling i'm gonna be going back into your archives for quite a while...

  6. Hi,
    i really love your blog... the pictures are captivating. please don't take this wrong.. but if you could change your font and increase the size, it would be great. You have a great blog here and if you make it easier to read, that would be lovely. :-)

  7. Thanks to you, I discovered Pinterest. I'm looking forward to starting new discoveries and sharing!