Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fukada {Irvine, CA}

One of my best friends has been lushing about the joys of Fukada for the past five years, and shamefully on her part, just recently took me to try it out together! Let's just say I've been waiting for this moment for a long time!
We both got the combo meal for dinner which comes with a rice bowl/ don and soup. I chose the spicy tuna don to go with my large bowl of udon noodle soup. First, I was surprised by how delicious the spicy tuna don was! The tuna was chopped almost into a paste, making it so incredibly creamy and unctuous. Paired with the brown rice, it was fantastic.

The udon, which I had never tried before in my life, was surprising because it was so light. The broth actually felt cleansing as it went down! I loved the thickness of the noodles and their texture. Overall, a great dinner with a great friend.


  1. *squeal* Love the spicy tuna bowl here. I always get a bowl to go when I pass through Irvine.

  2. Looks like really fresh and flavourful food! Which is basically what everyone strives for :)

  3. The hot soup was too salty for me, but I loved the cold soup! Their noodles are superb. And I looove their spicy tuna don! ^^