Friday, July 8, 2011


Philter is this amazing Norwegian electronic music artist who has a style all his own. It's a gorgeous combination of orchestral beats and soothing melodies. I especially love the dreamy vocals in this song. Fitting, since philter is defined as 'a magic potion or charm.' Definitely charming, this guy. Plus, handclaps are always a win in my book.

... and to take the song to another level, Avicii, my favorite house producer, has been playing his own remix of the song in all of his recent sets and I for one, cannot wait for it to be released! The anticipation awaits, as well as for all his other tracks that I've been seeing him leak in his recent sets wheeeeeeeeeee. Everything this guy does is looove.

Avicii playing his remix of Philter's 'Revolver,' followed by his fan-titled 'Enough is Enough'


  1. love it!!! i lov eyour taste in music

  2. Since your avicii post, I've fell in love with his music too! I wish he would release his music faster, all these previews are killing me...

  3. @ Jacob: I totally get you... he's leaked at least 6 songs that I still don't have real versions of blah!

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! My friend actally told me about them too how much of a conincidence is that?!