Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tailored Tuesdays + Adventure

I'm going to UTAH next weekend to celebrate the fourth! What better way to celebrate the independence of our nation than visiting part of it that I've never seen before and by hiking and adventuring for five straight whole days? The adventure awaits! I just hope it's not too, too hot...

1. Y-3 'Cutout cotton jersey tank'
quite possibly the cutest work-out tank ever, and can someone say... sexy!?!?

2. Camelbak 'M.U.L.E. backpack'
awesome backpack that holds a great amount of water and other things you might need on a long hike

3. Nike 'Lunarglides +2'
obsessed with these, so freaking cute and great quality

4. Revlon 'Nail polish in craving coral'
just because you're gonna be covered in dirt, doesn't mean your nails can't be flirty ;)

5. VPL 'Insertion bra'
i'm dying over this sports bra. i'm guessing this probably is only practical for people with moderately sized boobs, like me!

6. Neutrogena 'Wet skin sunblock spray SPF 50'
perfect through water and sweating

7. Stella Mccartney for Adidas 'Workout tank'
an awesome design collaboration - bringing high fashion to healthy habits

8. Stella Mccartney for Adidas 'Run performance track leggings'
love the patchwork detail

9. Juice Couture 'Shades of couture retro sunglasses'
it'll be so sunny in utah, imma need these stunna shades!

10. Stanley 'Flask'
for that extra summin, summin

11. Stella Mccartney for Adidas 'Cropped track leggings'
i love these basic black leggings, score too, they are on sale at the outnet.com

12. Canon 'EF 85mm'
my next dream lens - gotta capture all of nature's beauty!

13. Topshop 'Stripe balconette bikini'
after a long hike, i'll be looking forward to a nice, relaxing swim

14. Adidas 'Military hat'
i tan too, too easily. a hat will help me keep the sun from my face

cannot wait for the beauty that awaits me!

zip-lining is fun but it's so short-lasted. however, zip-lining into the ocean? seems pretty awesome to me!

another reason why i need to get my scuba diving license!

hmmm, i'd be down for this adventure as long as there are no creepy crawlers or alligators waiting for me below

don't have an ocean? surf a river!

basically, my dream come true. food and ocean all at once?!?!

i used to go to water parks all the time when i was little, this one looks beyond...

awesome waves in norway? who knew but brrrrr i bet it's uber freezing

ummm are you kidding me? this is something i thought only existed in fantasies. yes please!

my worst fear. i definitely don't think i have the balls for this adventure!

HOW freaking amazing is this!? jellyfish that wander all about you and you don't have to worry about getting stung!

let's just say, this takes some extremely large balls!

i wonder what lurks around here...

hmmm, i don't think my biking skills are up to par yet, but maybe one day...

All images from Pinterest and Net-a-porter.

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  1. what a great pinboard ! my husband and i have a lot of family out in utah . it's gorgeous , and there's lots to do outdoors ! have a blast !

  2. Hope you have a wonderful time! Make sure to go to Zion, I've never been but from the looks of photos, it seems amazing.

    P.S. I'm going to New York in a few weeks and I plan on going to all the places in your New York section, so thank you :D

  3. This post is so amazing. But I have to wonder--that last photo--how did he get down from there?!

  4. I just got back from Moab! The rock formations there are crazy amazing. I wanted to pull over every mile or so to photograph it all.
    We hiked up a trail with a waterfall and swimming hole, and I highly recommend it.


  5. i love this post! i wanna go swimming in all of these places!!


  7. such refreshing photography!

  8. Moab is so amazing - hope you are headed there! Have a fantastic time!!


  9. These posts are so inspiring!! Makes me just want to hop on a plane and see the whole world.

    And I love the hiking clothes!!

    Ummm no extreme biking or kayaking for me though :D

  10. How did that bike get there wtf???

  11. How do you do it?!? You find the most amazing travel photos. I love that zipline *swoon*