Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

Hellooo summer!

1. Stella McCartney 'Fine-knit cotton polo shirt'
looks comfy!

2. Chloe 'Leather and metal bow belt'
undeniable cute. bows are always a win in my book.

3. Theory 'Lynie stretch-cotton canvas shorts'
i heart mustard yellow oh so much.

4. Bally 'Clemance structured leather bag'
ugh... the perfect nude color.

5. Victoria Beckham 'D-frame acetate sunglasses'
loving the gold detailing!

6. Alexander McQueen 'Studded leather ballerina flats'
badass and practical.

7. Giles & Brother 'Hook 10-karat gold-plated leather wrap bracelet'
my dream purchase...

8. Topshop 'Multi-block stripe blazer'

9. Forever 21 'Leopard-print cosmetics case'
love this! such a stylish way to house your cosmetics.

10. Nars 'Eye shadow in galapagos'
gorgeous much?

11. Muji 'Notebook'
love keeping little notebooks with me when i travel - always handy.

12. Muji ' Gel pens'
i have like 1,000 pens at home. i still keep buying more... it's a compulsive obsession.

13. Ona 'The union street camera and laptop bag'
rustic and will match nearly everything.

14. Ban.do 'Sequin scarf'
cause every girl needs a little sparkle in her life!

15. Canon '85mm f1.2 lens'
crazy fast!

16. Veer 'Woodgrain iphone skin'
nature + technology = win.

gushing over this gorgeous shade of seafoam.

unbelievably magical.

just dreaming of beach towns like this...

one day i will go on a safari. it's a must.

um, if i was a student in milan, i would love to live in this library.

are you kidding me with this photo? rhode island... wow.

love rustic cities like this.

gosh sometimes this world seems so unreal...

i'm going to utah this summer!!!! woop woop so excited for the immense beauty to come.

 {abbey library of st. gallen, switzerland}
and... if i was a student in switzerland, i'd love to live in this library as well.

All images from Pinterest and Net-a-porter.

Images are linked to their sources.


  1. is there a MUJI store in LA area?

  2. Rhode Island looks like another planet in that picture and gahhh I love Yosemite!

  3. So pretty! I'd love that Nars eyeshadow (instant summery glamor) and a visit to that amazing Italian library...

  4. thanks for approving a comment and not replying

  5. @ Anonymous: Thank you for being patient. I approved the comment with the intention of finding the answer and later responding, but alas, have never found the answer. To the best of my knowledge, I don't think there is a MUJI store in LA but then again, you could look it up for yourself as well.

  6. Do you have any suggestions for a GOOD exfoliator at a DECENT price?

  7. @ Rita: I love St. Ives Apricot Scrub, I use it for my face and my body and it's very decently priced and can be found almost everywhere :)

  8. I miss your "tailored tuesday and travels"! You have such an eye to make us discover great places (and pictures) around the world! By the way, are you on Pinterest? (maybe you'ld have a "travel board" I can drool over? ;))

    1. aww i miss them too... i guess i've been lazy but maybe i'll start posting them again :) anyways... i do have a pinterest AND a drool worthy travel board, which all live here: http://pinterest.com/mmhuynh/