Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

Back from a splendid trip to Utah and now fully rested. Photo/ travel post coming soon :)

1. Theory 'Emogen open-knit stretch-linen sweater'
comfy goodness

2. Rag & Bone 'Crawford high-waisted cotton-blend shorts'
some sexy shorts to balance off the comfy goodness top

3. Yves Saint Laurent 'Downtown leather trimmed raffia tote'
love this mix of uptown chic and downtown casual

4. Aurelie Bidermann 'Sterling silver key pendant necklace'
because i love any charmed necklace

5. Goody 'Spin pins'
my hair is annoyingly too straight so if i want a messy bun, these are necessary!

6. Loeffer Randall 'Rain bootie'
i LOVE these short rain booties, since almost all i've seen are tall

7. Pamela Love 'Two-tone mood burnished sterling silver ring'
i love jewelry, stack it on, stack it on!

8. Huffy '26-inch mint green women's cranbrook cruiser'
quite possibly the cutest bike ever.

9. Chanel 'Nail polish in black pearl'
black nail polish isn't goth anymore, it's chic!

10. Michael Kors 'Leg shine'
if you're wearing shorts that short, your legs better look good!

11. Bear Grylls 'Gerber ultimate survival kit'
i'm sure all of this stuff would be helpful in any situation.

12. H&M 'Straw fedora'
i have this (well my sister does, so that means i can borrow)! it's awesomely cute.

multicolored rocks, you rule!

seriously now?

this is the most stunning landscape ever. there must be hundreds of waterfalls here!

these almost look like mayan mountains but it's all rice fields!

amsterdam sure would be fun...

i heard canada has some pretty great night life - by the looks of this, they weren't lying.

i'd love to do that in one of those amazing clear kayaks!

stone forest? that sounds muy interesting...

utah is just so pretty i had to put it twice!

my homeland! i've been here 3x and i don't think i'll ever get bored of it.

All images from Pinterest and Net-a-porter.

Images are linked to their sources.


  1. SPIN PINS! Wearing mine now, absolutely swear by them!


  2. just an fyi about that bike. i loved how mine looked but i ended up selling it. it barely would go up small hills without a lot of effort.

    i am on a mission to find a bike just as cute that is still affordable but will still function well.


  3. very cool stuff

  4. Vietnam is the top destination to go on my list!!

    By the way, I love love love these posts that I started my own series somewhat simmiliar to this.

    Just wanted to let you know that your blog inspired me to add some travel loving on mine :D

    Do you get these pictures from Pinterest?

  5. @ the healthy engineer: vietnam is extremely amazing, i've been super lucky to have been there 3 times and i really hope you get to visit it one day!

    i love that you've started your own!!! that's what its all about :)

    and yes, i do get these pictures from pinterest - that site is the best!

  6. Chyeah Vancouver is awesome!