Thursday, July 28, 2011

Now Tweeting + Mixtape


As per usual, my latest and greatest songs of the moment.

Not as per usual, just wanted to let ya'll know I'm on twitter now! I'm still fudging around with the whole mechanics of the thing but I've managed to tweet a bit so far. Hopefully if you have any questions, I'll be able to answer you there on a more personal level :)

little dragon {ritual union - tensnake remix}

smoooooooooth is the best word to describe this song. her voice, buttaaah baby pure butttahh.

bodies of water {open rhythms}

i'd like to travel route 66 while listening to this song. just sayin'...

theophilus london {why even try - RAC remix}

of course, i'm always a big fan of RAC remixes, and this one is no exception. but i happen to especially love the fun retro feel to this song.

swedish house mafia vs. enur vs. congorock {one vs. calabria vs. babylon}

this is like EPICx3. formula: take three incredibly epic house songs and mash them together to make the biggest banger ever!!!! but, i will always have a special place in my heart for shm!

gyptian {hold yuh- major lazer remix}

i can't for the life of me figure out what this type of music is called, the name escapes me, but it's an amazing mix of reggae and house. this song has amazing vocals and is backed by great beats. major lazer win!

koko vs. prutataaa {first state mashup - sander van doorn vs. afrojack, r3hab}

two of the best house songs, mixed to become an ultimate MEGAsong.

digitalism {miami showdown}

showdown is right! i can totally see this in an incredibly cinematic fight scene or something like that. amazinggg.

robyn {with every heartbeat, acoustic version}

i am a HUGE fan of robyn. her music is so fun, but this acoustic version of 'with every heartbeat' shows this tender side that i love seeing!

clams casino {i'm god, instrumental version}

such a chill song. perfect for this windows down, hair flying in the wind kind of mood i've been in lately.

the beatles {and i love her - allure remix}

the beatles were instilled in me since i was in utero. i don't think my dad instilled remixed beatles in me, but it found its way to me in the end.

alessi's ark {simple man, lynyrd skynyrd cover}

folky female vocals always do me in. is it in my genes? i just can't help but love it!

dirty gold {california sunrise}

this song epitomizes it's title. it's crazy how a song can epitomize my home so well!

black light dinner party {small boxes}

i'm a sucker for great instrumentals. this isn't strictly instrumental but it has an utterly gorgeous, jaw-dropping instrumental backbone.

beethoven {moonlight sonata - sound remedy remix}

if you hadn't noticed, i love remixes. the original will always be the original... meaning i will always love it. but remixes have a way of reinterpreting and breathing new life to a song. beethoven remixed?!?!? YES.

katy perry {last friday night - laidback luke remix}

pure F.U.N.

gta ft. zashanell {u & i}

ahhhhmazing! avicii has been playing this song in all of his recent sets and i've been lapping it up.

Ólafur Arnalds {brotsjor}

something about icelandic music!!! there's always this ethereal quality that seemingly can't be produced anywhere else but iceland. iceland, i thank you very much for your music.

celeste lear {light through the branches - kris p. kreme remix}

i love 'so you think you can dance.' if you haven't heard of it before, it's basically this amazing television show that showcases all kinds of gorgeous dance types. i also love it for introducing new music to me, this is one amazing song. i happened to find an even more amazing remix of it... YAY.

september {party in my head - coucheron remix}

another euro-teen with remixes? that may be a redundant fact but it never gets old. and this song is anything but - fun with an insane drop.


  1. great tunes! i have a soft spot for little dragon, but some of these i've missed out on . . . i've been looking for some new stuff, so thanks!

  2. Aww nice Beatles remix... but always have to hold the true spot for the original :) cheers

  3. loving you on twitter btw :)