Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Tea Time & The East India Company

I think people often underestimate the time you need for yourself. It's nice to keep yourself busy with work, school, loved ones and lovers but I firmly believe that to be happy in life, you have to be happy with who you are. I love to spend time with myself. That sounds weird, I realize, but I like having my alone time with only my thoughts and I like to take time out in the day to relax a bit, whether it's going to the gym and sweating it out or just spending 10 minutes out of my day to enjoy a hot cup of tea. 

The nice people of The East India Company were kind enough to send me some of their delicious jams. I had just baked a loaf of 10-grain bread (recipe up soon) the day before, and it was perfection paired together. Soaking up the sun, reading the paper and nomming on some jam-laden homemade bread... what an afternoon! It only took 10 minutes, but that 10 minutes could be, quite literally, the thing that saves me. That sounds a bit dramatic but stress is probably the worst thing for your body.

The East India Company's Strawberry & Champagne jam was like a little gift of self-appreciation and I thank them for that! I don't normally like to talk about products on this site, but I thoroughly enjoyed this jam and thought I'd share what large effect this small bottle of jam had on me, and who knows? Possibly on you too :)

Thanks again, The East India Company!


  1. That looks yummy

  2. Amen to taking time for yourself! And that jam sounds delicious!

  3. such beautiful packaging! and i totally think tea time should be built in to every day. in fact i just did a post titled tea time myself!