Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Midterms Mixtape

Yep. It's the second round of midterms of the last quarter. I've already half given up and I can nearly taste the sweet smell of Summer. I need music to keep me focused in these trying times... it's the only thing that makes studying bearable and slightly enjoyable.

I miss my old friend, Mixwit. But until it relaunches I'll have to resort to listing playlists rather than providing the actual songs. I'm definitely not computer savvy and learning how to add music files is not something that sounds fun...

1. Sufjan Stevens - Casimir Pulaski Day
2. M. Ward - Rave On
3. Roy Orbison -  Blue Bayou
4. Nujabes - Feather ft. Cise Star & Akin from Cyne
5. Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats (The Knife cover)
6. Radiohead - Idioteque
7. Regina Spektor - Real Love
8. The Hood Internet - Save Me Concubine (Beirut/ Ghostface Killah mix)
9. Baz Luhrmann - The Sunscreen Song 
10. Beyonce - Halo
11. Phoenix - 1901
12. Akron/ Family - Running, Returning 
13. Adele - Hometown Glory
14. Yann Tiersan - L'autre Valse D'Amelie (Amelie Soundtrack)
15. DJ Lobsterdust - Baby Arrow (Marvin Gaye ft. Mary Wells/ The Album Leaf mix)
16. Common - Misunderstood


  1. Um, aren't you supposed to be studying? ;-)

  2. That is an amazing mix. I love adele, jose gonzales, m. ward and regina spektor!