Saturday, May 30, 2009

I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance!

I love crass reality tv shows; my family thrives on it. You can often find my mom watching I Love Money (strange, I know), but So You Think You Can Dance is not one of these. Yes, reality. Crass? No. This show is amazing! Oh my goodness I love this show, I love this show, I LOVE this show. The talent showcased on this show is beyond amazing and my favorite part? It introduces all kinds of dance from contemporary (my favorite), to hip hop, to traditional ballroom and even Bollywood-style. This show forces their dancers to learn all forms of dance and master them, it's in situations like this where you'll find a classical ballet dancer putting on a tough face to perfect the attitude of Krumping and a hip-hop dancer fine-tuning his movements to fit the technical details of a waltz. Watching this shows makes me hate myself for being so uncoordinated!

Here are some of my favorite choreographies (though it was VERY hard to narrow the list): 

Elisa - Dancing
Wait for it... wait for it.... holy shit did you just see her grasp him like a spider??!?! Perfectly aligned to the song and so amazing. I love contemporary dance because it has so much emotion and you can literally see sadness/ fear/ anger running through each flick of their arm or arch of their back. 

Junior Boys - In the Morning
This song was one of my favorite songs of Summer 2007 and then being able to watch it transformed into this amazingly playful choreographies made me love it that much more! 

Jordin Sparks ft. Chris Brown - No Air
The moment Katie pushes his leg down and he rises up kills me. I watched this... I don't know how many times... many, many, many times. All I could think of after I watched this was: PASSION.

Memoirs of a Geisha - The Chairman's Waltz
There are no words...
P.S. Hok was one of my favorites of the season, you might recognize him from MTV's America's Best Dance Crew.

Neyo - Make It Work
UGHHGHGHHGH why was I cursed with two left feet! 

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams
A great way to interpret the song and amazing use of an table! When he "breaks" her legs and slides her across the table... wow. The height he maintains as he rises above her shows his immense strength as a dancer.

Om Shanti Om - Dhoom Thana
BOLLYWOOD! How amazing is it for them to incorporate this style of dance into their program? I think it is immensely amazing... don't you?

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