Monday, November 8, 2010

Instrumental Mixtape

Old & new - perfect for these foggy, gloomy mornings we've been having!

Sigur Ros . Samskeyti

Ratatat . Cherry

Four Tet . She Just Likes to Fight

Four Tet . Sing

Broken Social Scene . Guilty Cubicles

The Cinematic Orchestra . Arrival of the Birds

Cale Parks . Moccasin Bend

Aphex Twin . Corrugated Tubing

Amon Tobin . At the End of the Day

American Analog Set . We're Computerizing and We Just Don't Need You Anymore

Balanescu Quartet . Waltz

The Books . Tokyo

Nujabes . The Final View

White Hinterland . Icarus (Instrumental Version)

Please, if you do anything today, pour yourself a warm bath, light some candles and play these songs on repeat. I love good instrumentals, especially this Sigur Ros song... gorgeous.

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  1. how can i download this????
    contact me on twitter.