Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Resort 2011

A wee bit late but here are my ultimate favorites, and I mean ultimate, because I had to cut down my list quite a bit - everything was so impossibly gorgeous, which made it hard to choose!

I looove the way Yigal worked with black, my favorite non-color! I'd wear everything here, heck I'd wear it twice.
Rag & Bone always has a way of being crazy cool. The perfect wardrobe for the modern girl.
Gosh Proenza, could you have done Resort 2011 any better? Mixes of soft knitted sweaters and glittery fabrics keeps things fresh and luxurious.
Ahh just looking at all of Nina's things makes my heart flutter! Everything is so soft and feminine.
I've never been more impressed by Marc before; everything in this collection became an instant favorite and was done so well.
Jenni was super structured this season with nice, clean lines. I love it because it's straight laced yet just feminine enough.
I love this collection by Erin! It's everything + more I'd want to wear. Simple, classic items in impossibly lush fabrics; gosh I love silk and satin.
What I loved most about D squared was the color scheme, if this color palette doesn't scream Resort, I don't know what does!
Ah, Mr. Wang. You never fail to deliver a perfect collection, no matter the season or whatever. Of course, I love the neutral tones, as always.

Oscar - always impossibly womanly and chic. There's no denying that.

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  1. i absolutely love your blog!
    i first came across it on foodgawker
    because i was looking for a cream cheese matcha frosting for my fiance's birthday cake. needless to say, your recipe was fantastic, and my fiance loved it. what tops it off is how you incorporate fashion and music into your blog.. hope you keep on posting!!