Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A Girl Can Dream Can't She?

When I first came across Tory Burch, I was never really drawn to her printed beach/ loungewear. Though I have always admired her fun and incredibly playful prints, her look never really suited my aesthetic. Looking at her past Fall 2007 collection, I was completely vortexed into her gorgeous coats and luxe clothing. I remember looking at this collection and completely falling head over heels in love. Now that it's fall again and the cold air is nipping at my feet, I still can't get her designs out of my head! That is the test of true love, but since I am in no position to spend $600.00 on a coat I will have to resort to scouring Ebay every ten minutes for the chance of scoring the deal of a lifetime. But until then, I still have my dreams...

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