Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fall 2010 RTW

The next batch of beauties:

Red & Black never looked so damn good.
Most people associate Tory Burch with resort wear or perfect flats, but I've loved what she's done with women's wear for some time now, and this is no exception.
This is like my ideal version of classic New York fashion. I could see the women of Sex & the City rocking all of these outfits.
I die. Then I become reborn. Then I die AGAIN!
I don't know why people scorn Michael Kors for his work as a designer. I think that he is fabulous in every way. He takes a simple concept: Americana fashion, and takes it to a whole new level every single time.
Basically the closet of my dreams. I love blacks and earth tones.
In one word: breathless.

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