Sunday, September 6, 2009

Say Hello to my New Friend!

I've given birth to a new blog!

It's a photoblog to be exact. Congrats to me!

Check it out here!

Some of my favorites are below:

In the beautifully graffiti ridden streets of Valparaiso, Chile:
A bird's eye view of San Francisco at night:
Happier hour: happy drinks + happy friends:
Getting ready to white water raft in Pucon, Chile:
The sweetest little girl who wouldn't let go of our futbol:
A stray cat with the friendliest eyes:
Beautiful Celiana enjoying her apples:
In Valparaiso, one of Chile's largest port cities:
At the Aquarium of the Pacific, wondrous aren't they?
Exploring the nooks and crannies of Crystal Cove, Newport Beach:
A gorgeously inviting pomegranate:
Catching snow flakes in the Andes Mountains:
Enjoying the beautiful California coastline on the way to San Francisco:
The best thing about summer? 21 choices yogurt!
Sea dragons at the Aquarium of the Pacific:


  1. Those are terrific photos!

    Congrats on the new blog!

  2. you went white water rafting!?!?
    i went white water rafting this past weekend too!! and had so much fun! :D

    i loooooove your photos, by the way. such charming and romantic photos they are!