Saturday, July 6, 2013

My new crush: Mujjo

I am seriously in love.

The people at Mujjo were so kind as to send me one of their beautiful products of my choice - and I decided on their Macbook Pro sleeve. I had previously been using an Incase black neoprene sleeve which I liked, but it was mainly to serve its purpose and not because I particularly loved it. When I received my Mujjo case in the mail, I was beyond ecstatic. Besides being completely user friendly, it was a beauty to look at. Modern, minimalistic, sleek and unique.

Made by the hands of Dutch craftsmen with 100% wool felt and high quality leather, this sleeve is absolutely gorgeous. It's minimalistic in design and tailored perfectly to my Macbook Pro. What's awesome is how the sleeve is made from sustainable and renewable materials. It's also treated so that the sleeve is water repellent in case you're clumsy like I am! Besides being beautiful to look at, I love the fact that it has a compartment to store papers, or chargers, earphones, etc.

If you're looking for something classic and stylish to house your iPhones/ Galaxy phones, iPads, or MacBooks, I'd highly recommend Mujjo. They take care into crafting their lovely products!

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  1. These cases look amazing... I'm in love too! I think I'll have to buy one to give for Christmas.