Saturday, September 15, 2012

My views on food (literally)...

I haven't been really present on my blog lately, and that's about to change, or well, I should say I'm going to try to change that. Even though I've still been here, baking and cooking and such, I haven't really been up to photographing every detail and writing. I guess, I haven't really been all that inspired.

Anyways, I feel like I need to challenge myself, in everything. Whether it be photographing every little thing that I cook, to writing, to being more active, to doing something everyday that makes me get off my lazy butt. Anyways, here are a few snapshots of the food I've been eating and cooking in this hiatus, that I never got around to posting... 

market haul from my local persian market, rainier cherries are the prettiest!

more rainier cherries!

been really into healthy smoothies lately. on the left: banana + chocolate + date + almond milk. on the right: green monster with spinach + banana + pear + orange juice.

strawberries prepped for roasting.

moody strawberries after roasting.

cucumber-mint gin & tonic. beyond refreshing.

coconut cupcakes.

mini carrots roasted with fresh herbs and copious amounts of butter. mmm.


  1. beautiful pictures! i especially love the roasted strawberries. i'm going to try that!

  2. The gin and tonic looks fantastic. And I'm going to try the carrots this week.

  3. gorgeous... as always!