Friday, September 21, 2012


some old, some new. all love.

The ILLZ . Closer

this song shows the full spectrum of what hip-hop can really be. tinged with a bit of alternative-rock, unique and emotional.

i've always loved RAC. they've always made remixes that were fun and unique. now that they're producing their own music, you can still expect them to bring the fun.

A$AP Rocky . Goldie (Produced by Hit-Boy)
A$AP Rocky . Palace (Produced by Clams Casino)
A$AP Rocky . Bass (MartyParty Remix)

it's safe to say that a$ap is one of my current favorite rappers, along with logic, which I'm also featuring below. rocky just has an exquisite taste for beats and this martyparty remix is super grimey - just how i like it (sometimes).

aaaaaand he's back, ladies and gentleman. i'm officially hooked... again.

Dirty South & Alesso . City of Dreams

if there's anything dirty south & alesso can do, it's definitely making an uplifting song. and this is just that.

Goldroom . Fifteen (Xtrafunk Remix)

beachy vibes with some funk thown in. i'm all for it.

julie mcknight is a powerhouse and an21 & max vangelli brought the beats to back her up. definitely a banger.

Volta Bureau . Alley Cat

one of my absolute faves right now. the way volta describes themselves perfectly describes this song: "a cosmic, hypnotic, somewhat psychedelic take on house/ techno/ disco."

i always have love for avicii. people say he's changed; gone too commercial. maybe partnering with mike posner will make people hate him more but i think this song still has his signature sound - and anyone with a knee-jerk opposition to anything popular is destructive.

Matt & Kim .  Let Go

classic matt & kim sound. always a definite sing-along.

calvin harris AND florence?! how could it not be good? i ask you.

the kind of song that grabs you immediately, pulls you in, continues to intrigue you. it's emotion laid bare with a super soulful melody.

the instant this song plays, you can tell it's an alesso track - he just has that characteristic sound. anyways, i love collaborations. talent + talent + talent = boom.

Ellie Goulding . Anything Could Happen (Blood Diamonds Remix)

i don't know why it took the world so long to get on the ellie train, but now that they're on it's time to get on her new release. and this funky remix of it.

VCMG . Aftermaths (Gesaffelstein Remix)

i've said it before, i'll say it again. big, BIG fan of gesaffelstein. ugh that dark, french, moody thing really gets me going i guess. super heavy tech house that is straight up menacing.

a real beauty. hot chip is retro for me; brings back all these old memories and this song is a good one to reminisce to.

Logic . Set the Tone
Logic Relaxation

as i said previously, logic still remains one of my favorite rappers at the moment. i had the chance to see him live and he's not totally on his game spitting live yet but he's still a newbie so i'll give him a pass. his recorded tracks though...  genius. the way he artfully samples and intelligently rhymes will fast track him to being the next big thing.

Patrickreza . Come Alive Ft. Ingrid

seriously, these vocals. ingrid croons gorgeously as patrickreza does what he does best: dub.

clockwork (dj) = rl grime. whaaaat? anyways i love clockwork, so it's not a shocker that i love rl grime too. anyways this remix of mercy is just a bomb.

The Lighthouse & The Whalers . Pioneers

perfectly pretty folk-pop.

Tribalistas . Ja Sei Namorar

the instant you play this song, you get hooked. you might not understand what they're saying but it doesn't even matter because you want to singalong anyways.