Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

1. J. Crew 'Jersey cardigan'
my love for cardigans will never go away. this one is especially pretty - love the color. 

2. Juicy Couture 'Printed silk chiffon dress'
very classic - would last a lifetime.

3. See by Chloe 'Fluffy cherry small suede shoulder bag'
my weakness for bags come in the form of cross-bodies - this one is so freaking pretty.

4. Linda Farrow Luxe 'D-frame tortoise shell acetate sunglasses'
i love vintage-y sunglasses.

5. Zoya 'Nail polish in freja'
mmm metallic.

6. J. Crew 'Luggage'
gaaaaaahhhh j. crew.

7. Lights Out 'Sleep mask'
trouble sleeping on planes? this would do the trick splendidly.

8. ROC Nation 'Aviator headphones in black'
very sleek and classic.

9. Canon 'EF 85mm lens'
one of my dream lenses... one day... one day.

10. Nars 'Velvet matte lip pencil in cruella'
vampy love.

11. Converse 'Studded high tops'
pair a bit of trashy with a bit of classy and you've got the perfect outfit.

12. Forever 21 'Leopard laptop case'
leopard is always a win.

possibly going to thailand this year. be jealous.

i don't think i'd ever get the chance to visit antarctica. but i will always have my dreams...

i love city lights.

wow, i bet nepal gets the prize for the most beautiful night sky. it's a shame we can't see stars that well where i live.

this is beyond... 

finally, a place i've actually been to. and yes, it is this gorgeous!

i wish the sky looked like this all the time!

looks like a little slice of heaven.

i'm a big lover of red. this is win win win.

that's it... oregon, i'm coming for you!


  1. I just stumbled across your blog recently, so fantastic! Thanks for all the beautiful and inspiring photos!

  2. Everything is beautiful! I'll take one of everything and a trip to all of those places...

  3. I just came back from Thailand and India!!

    I still have to post about Thailand though...

    But anyways, the amount of street vendors in Bangok is amazing, but I didn't get the chance to eat food from there...except for some fresh fruit :D

    I'm excited to read about where you visit there!

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  5. glad to hear that you plan to visit Thailand.
    Welcome to Thailand!

    you can contact me for some Thailand info.

  6. Would you be so kind to share with me an the rest of the world, how it is you produce such beautiful pictures? Especially the jewelry??

  7. @ Anonymous: of course! i'll kindly share :)

    first, i use an awesome camera: the canon 30d, and with a fast lens: the 35mm f2.0. to edit, i use photoshop. usually, i'll start by editing the saturation and brightness using curves, then i like to kind of fade the colors for a 'vintage-y' feel. i love cinnamon rose actions for that, but i also like to add light leaks!