Monday, August 29, 2011

Manicure Mondays: The Double Funky French

Plain as pie: I love experimenting with my nails! It's kind of ridiculous... my nail color changes bi, if not tri-weekly. This manicure is something new I tried, inspired by this. This was pretty time intensive only because I wanted to save my "french manicure stickers" and re-used them to make the double stripe. It would have been much easier to just use more "french manicure stickers" and just get it all done at once.

Pretty simply, all you have to do is apply your base coat, then follow with 2 - 3 coats of your base color. Once completely dry, apply "french manicure stickers"to each nail. You want to use two nail strips per nail, leaving space between the two strips - the width being completely up to you. Apply your second color until opaque - usually only takes one coat if you are using a dark color. Remove "french manicure stickers" immediately, let dry, then apply your top coat.

P.S. By "french manicure stickers" I mean those little guide stickers that you can buy in the nail section of any drugstore, such as this.

{what i used}

CND stickey anchoring base coat
Essie sew psyched (base color)
Wet n' Wild black (stripe color)
Seche Vite dry fast topcoat


  1. Ah, how cool! I love the color combo and the pattern :)

  2. is that ferragamo flats i see on the banner? review plss =))

  3. @ Anonymous: YES they are! I was lucky enough to find them in a thrift store years ago for not more than $5.

    they are a teeny bit small for me so they kind of hurt but the gorgeousness is worth the pain :)

  4. wow! where is the thrift store may i ask? i live in southern california area too

  5. @ anonymous: i forget now, but it was either the salvation army on tustin & chapman or this one i forget the name of... near st. norbert's church in orange. sorry... probably wasn't that much of help but i haven't been in years!

  6. Going to try looks really fun and not overly difficult!