Thursday, January 10, 2013

music x fashion x mixape

my love of lipstick  x  my love of fashion  x  my love of gesaffelstein.

[ gesaffelstein - viol ]

by the way, the music video for this song is one of my favorites. dark and twisted just like the song contrasted against the gorgeous streets of paris.

blackbird blackbird [ all - hotwax remix ]

pure bliss. my favorite for late night drives.

pure pop perfection. at first, i wasn't that into this song but after giving it a couple listens, i was hooked. it has that signature calvin sound and makes you just wanna dance.

wonda [ xx angels xx ]

this song. ugh. this song. i just can't even explain it - it's so freaking amazing. lyrical rap over the xx's song.

earl sweatshirt [ chum ]

earl sweatshirt is a rapper that also a part of the la based hip hop collective ofwgkta, which also is the home of the likes of frank ocean, tyler the creator, hodgy beats and syd the kid. so... you know he's gotta be good. this song is my jam.

destiny's child [ say my name - cyril hahn remix ]

this guy is my new favorite remixer. his remix of destiny's child changed my world. i'm not exaggerating, he is nothing short of a genius.

this remix keeps the integrity of the song while giving it a bit more of an upbeat tempo. i love bon iver but i can't listen to it's pure form all of the time, unless it's a rainy fall day.

you guys know me. you know i love my rap vocals laid upon beautiful slow tempo music. this is a gem.

high highs [ open season ]

currently one of my most favorite songs. that's all.

just an electro song i love with a melody i love.

the original song, not remixed, is utterly gorgeous. the lyrics just stay with you. but someone says remix, i say where? i just love how songs can be transported to a different place. with that said, i've been a long time fan of sound remedy, so it was natural that i love this song.

youngblood hawke [ we come running - tiesto remix ]

tiesto is a veteran. fun song, great house remix.

one of my favorite summer songs, given a harder edge.

azealia banks [ no problems ]

azealia is my chickkkkk. she's so badass and this song is just that. 

so i guess angel haze and azealia had a beef but it's funny cause they're so alike. both some badass chicks. they both spit like crazy and this song's beat is insane.

avicii & nicky romero [ you could be the one ]

always will be an avicii fan. one of my favorite melodies from him & nicky romero given some gorgeous vocals. always emotional and meaningful.

grimes [ genesis ]

grimes gives a whole lot of individuality to the music industry. watch the music video, and you'll see... it's different on a whole other level and sort of refreshing.

the smiths [ asleep ]

an oldie i fell back in love with when i watched the perks of being a wallflower, which by the way... you MUST watch. it's heartbreaking, beautiful, romantic and just perfect.

robot orchestra [ beauty & the beat ]

i love robot orchestra's name because it's just so literal and so applicable to their music. insane beats, gorgeous arrangements.

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  1. i die over your music taste

  2. Where can we find these tracks? I'm disappointed there aren't any links so we can experience the music too... :(

    1. Hi Anna, sorry I usually add links, I guess this time I forgot - but I just added them, so enjoy!

  3. That isn't Cyril Hahn in that picture...


  5. thank you for your mixtape!! my boyfriend- who shares your style of music- is deployed and i love sending him mixtapes, but as a country kid i wouldn't know where to start in finding songs he likes. i've sent him 3 of your mixtapes now and he loves them. you're a lifesaver! and he gets to stay on the edge of new music where he likes it :) thank you!