Thursday, July 26, 2012

Etsy Store Debut: Adorável

adorável is a creation from the minds of my best friend & i. it's a humble place that we can call our own, where we sell handcrafted jewelry. adorável means 'lovely' in portuguese and we thought it was just the loveliest name for our shop (pun intended). we mostly make minimalist, modern and sweet pieces that we love to wear ourselves! we always use gold-plated or silver-plated furnishings and make everything on the site with care.

if you have the time, please do stop by here!

in the future, i'll also be selling vintage, handmade jewelry trays and cupcake stands. i'm in the process of salvaging the supplies, but once they are finished, you better believe i'll be sharing the results with you all.

daphnia | gold plated bar with hanging smoke beads on gold plated chain

ancla | seafoam beads on gold plated chain

[ deanna wearing the ancla in graphite ]

prelude | amber beads on gold plated chain

baker's charm necklace | fork and spatula charms, rested on a gold medallion on gold plated chain

vidalia | champagne and sienna swarovski beads suspended on gold plated chain

engine heart | brass hex nuts on gold plated chain

diptico | gold bar with suspended silver plated beads on gold plated chain

mirage | silver plated beads on gold plated chain

ibiza | red dyed bamboo coral sticks on gold plated chain

grace | authentic chinese jade pendant on gold plated chain

[ me wearing the grace ]

great divide | mint tiered beads on silver plated chain

diptico | gold bar with suspended authentic turquoise beads on gold plated chain

[ me wearing the diptico ]


  1. gorgeous stuff <3

  2. Wow, I've been looking for necklaces just like these! They're beautiful!