Monday, September 19, 2011

Manicure Mondays: Shattered Glass

The minute I laid my eyes on Color Club's "Covered in Diamonds" flake polish was the minute I decided I needed it in my life! It's the most unique nail polish I've ever seen and it's utterly gorgeous. I love it over black because all of the colors shine over it, but it's equally as gorgeous on any other polish you can imagine.

{what i used}

CND stickey anchoring base coat
Wet n' Wild black
Color Club covered in diamonds
Seche Vite dry fast topcoat


  1. Whoa, I love those big flakes of glitter! I would be too distracted if I had them on my nails ;)

  2. omgsh i love this! where'd you buy the colorclub polish from?! i can't seem to find it anywhere..

  3. @ Carolyn: i got mine from 8ty8 beauty online! but above there's another link to other sites you can get it from too :)

  4. She's a special one! I haven't tried it over black, looks fantastic~

  5. Love this! I'm trying it this weekend! OPI also has a fun glitter top coat.