Sunday, March 8, 2009

Just One Plate

The concept is simple, the photography beautiful. Visionaries Neil Kohan, Max Wanger, and Margaux Elliot aim to express the joy of food, cooking, and photography as simply as possible.

From the website:
A single plate celebrates cooking as an art.
     The blink of a shutter preserves the dish.
     Ten questions uncover the vision of the chef who created the dish.
     One inspired recipe allows you to become an artist in your own kitchen.

You can find the list of restaurants and recipes here.
Murano: Burrata Salad with fresh Burrata cheese, Prosciutto de parma, poached pear, baby arugula and candied pecans
Saddle Peak Lodge: Duo of Prairie farm pork tenderloin and braised shoulder
Il Grano: Fantasia di crudo
Mako: Crispy Oysters with Black Olive Tapenade
Nine Thirty: Grilled Sturgeon with goat cheese black lentils, caramelized brussels sprouts, chanterelle ragout, pomegranate molasses and chive oil

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