Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Jägerhaus {Anaheim, CA}

I haven't ever had German food really, so when my cousin told me there was an authentic hole-in-the-wall restaurant near us, we had to go immediately! After a grueling, mud-filled run through the ROC race, we were ready for a huge meal... and what better way to fill our stomachs than with tons of sausage, German pancakes and spaetzle. 

I didn't have my camera on hand, so I hope these Instagram pictures will do - what would the world do without our ever handy cell phones huh? Anyways look at that gorgeous thing above! It's the traditional German pancake, served simply with powdered sugar and lemons. It was beyond! Unlike any pancake because first, it was ginormous, and second, it was deliciously crispy... still dreaming about it.

I chose to get schnitzel with a mushroom cream sauce and spaetzle. It was definitely what I was craving - full of flavor and carbs. The spaetzle wasn't the best I've tried because it tasted like it had been cooked and re-heated but it still hit the spot.

My dish also came with a side of sauerkraut. I thought I would have like it but I've come to the conclusion that I don't enjoy sauerkraut as much as I'd thought. My sister enjoyed it so it was probably some damn good sauerkraut. 

This place is famous for their homemade plum jam so I knew I had to steal some from my friend since my dish didn't come with any. Good idea on my part because it was AMAZING. So fresh and not too sweet. Wow, plum jam, I'm just in love with you. 

Yum, yum. Overall, I really enjoyed this place. It's home-y, no frills at all, which I enjoyed a lot. 


  1. I've driven by that place but never tried it...hmm...maybe I should. The plum jam looks real yummy!

  2. so funny, i'm swiss, so we're neighbors to germany. plus my bf is german. never heard of german pancakes, though... lol. anyway, it looks like fun!

  3. I'd love to try some of their plum jam on a german pancake! Everything looks great, I have to go one of these days.

  4. @scarlett: i am from germany exactly from stuttgart (Michelle here you will get the best spätzle^^). i don´t know a german pancake like this on the photo...it is little bit thik^^ crispy? that reminds of "Kaiserschmarrn" but this is from Austria and it isn´t as round as this one on the photo^^
    but the important think is...it was delicious! and yes plum yam is something very very very delicious! my mum do this every year on herself...homemade is the best one^^
    (sorry for my bad english^^ hope you will understand)