Saturday, November 19, 2011

Current Favorites

this man's voice is impossible to forget - it's soulful and deep and probably why he is the only person on earth who could cover an etta james song with as much power and soul as etta herself. his debut album, produced by diplo & switch is amazing, to say the least. the bass in all the songs just emphasizes the emotion in his voice.

damn your eyes (etta james cover)

frank ocean is an amazement. he's 23, for one and has been writing songs for the likes of justin beiber, john legend, beyonce and more. what i most love about him is how when signed to a major label, who ignored his talent, he decided to release his album himself on tumblr for free! now if that isn't endearing and openly heartfelt, i don't know what is. to top it off, his music is amazing.

pyrite {pdex remix}

sbtrkt is a producer from london who perfectly mixes electronic music with soul. it's dance-y but slow and has a whole lot of feeling. he wears a mask out of anonimity, because he prefers to let his music speak for itself and because he's not a social person, which i can totally relate to! i just love the concept.

special features aka eden anderson is a newly born dj and house producer who also hails from london. his remixes are just gold and i love the liveliness he adds to all of these tracks - especially to strobe. it is amazing!

calvin harris . feel so close (special features remix)

deadmau5 . strobe (special features remix)

avicii & david guetta . sunshine (special features remix)

{links are to where you can download the songs // not hosted by me}


  1. I LOVE the Alex Clare songs you posted! I had never heard of him before... or Frank Ocean - I love the Strawberry Swing remix... great choices = )


  2. @meesch: crazy my nickname is mesh too! <3 alex clare and frank ocean!