Friday, October 15, 2010

Ippudo {New York, NY}

So far, I've tried the "best" ramen of two major cities in the country. Katana-Ya in San Francisco and now, Ippudo in New York. In this battle, East coast is in the lead. BUT, I have yet to try the famed Daikokuya in Los Angeles, so until then, the verdict is out.
I got the special ramen of the night, pictured above. I forget the details but it was topped with garlic toast, which was surprising, in the best way possible. It was perfumed immensely with garlic, which I die for since garlic is what I live for! The broth was rich and velvety and had great flavor.
I most often enjoy my ramen at hole-in-the-walls but surprisingly when I walked into Ipuddo, I was semi-shocked to see a hip, trendy restaurant. I was happy that the ramen delivered in taste and tradition. Everyone else's ramen was thoroughly enjoyed as well, my sister had this spicy one (which I forget the name of now) that she died for.

Since it was my birthday, they also threw in a complimentary dessert; we chose the green tea ice cream with mascarpone. It was a perfect ending to the meal: delicate, light and delicious. I love anything green tea so it won me over just with its name.


  1. what?? garlic toast on RAMEN??? i live in fukuoka right now, where ippudo originated from. they definitely do NOT put garlic toast on their tonkotsu ramen in japan! they don't serve dessert either!

  2. hello! i've just found your blog (via yelp) and i'm in love. i love your photography and the contents of this blog :) - instant follow. it's nice to read a blog from a fellow OC resident!


    p.s. when i was in NY we tried ippudo and it was delicious! daikokuya is also on my list of places to try.