Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tailored Tuesday & Travel

So, I recently moved to Nevada where the sun definitely shines and maybe a little too bright. Someone told me it was 130 degrees yesterday and I nearly fainted! But, I think anything past 100 degrees starts to feel the same. 

With all this desert heat and sun beating down on me, I'm wishing I could transport myself to a tropical beach where at least the view and calming ocean could make up for all the sweating I'm doing!

1. Max Azria 'Asymmetrical cutout silk georgette top'
stunning design with lots of room to breathe

2. Tibi 'Pleat front silk shorts'
the perfect summer color

3. Undrest 'Liberty-print cotton bandeau bikini top and briefs'
just about the cutest bikini around!

4. H&M 'Beach bag'
i LOVE this and it's so cheap!

5. H&M 'Beige sandals'
these will match everything in your summer wardrobe and then some...

6. Retrovelo 'Vintage bike'
perfect for biking alongside the boardwalk

7. Contigo 'Autoseal kangaroo water bottle with storage compartment'
i love contigo water bottles already but this is just plain awesome - storage compartment?! genius.

8. Lomo 'Diana toy camera'
i love lomo toy cameras - this one's next on the list.

9. Vivo 'Square bento box'
what's a trip to the beach without a beach side picnic?

10. Isharya 'Set of three 18-karat gold-plated bangles'
boho chic

11. Topshop 'Pink keyhole metal arm sunglasses'
you'll be the cutest thing around sporting these!


  1. Where in Nevada did you move to? I live in Las Vegas and I am loving this desert heat!

    1. I moved to Henderson. I'm a cold-weather, rain-loving woman, so it's a big adjustment for me but it's not as bad as I had imagined. The sunsets are actually pretty lovely here.

  2. I live all the way up in Summerlin, it's a little cooler here because we're so close to the mountains. If you don't mind me asking, what did you move here for? Work? School? (You totally don't have to answer that because I can see how you wouldn't want to write personal info on a public forum). I'm the opposite from you though, I'm a complete desert rat. I was born and raised here in LV and I did my undergrad in Arizona. I love the heat and I absolutely hate cold weather!

    1. I don't mind at all - I moved here for school. It's about a 2.5 year program, so I'll be here for a good while. I was raised in Southern Cali but I'm still a winter lover for some reason, even though our winter is barely even that! But surprisingly, I am getting more used to the heat, I'm just more sad I won't be able to wear all my coats and scarves :)

  3. No, 130 degrees is a lot different from 100 degrees! If you don't feel it, though, I ENVY you! Love the gorgeous photos - they definitely have a cooling effect.