Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A Profile (My Jewelry).

I have a love for collecting things.

I went through a phase of headbands which happens to be completely useless now since I've discovered headbands don't look all too good on me. For a while it was vintage belts... I've tossed many of those away too since my style has completely evolved. One collection that I still use and add to today is my costume jewelry collection.

Ever since I was in high school I scoured thrift shops for chunky necklaces and unique, often weird earrings. Now, I have a love for costume jewelry and all things dripped in gold (color, not the actual metal, of course... cause sadly, i'm poor). My go to place for costume jewelry is Forever 21 because it's cheap and if it happens to be a "fashion mistake" in the future, well, at least I didn't spend too much on it right?

Here's a photo diary of my recent favorites:

In the center is my Forever 21 Chain Web Necklace. I love long necklaces! They are the perfect slimming tool, seriously. Sounds kind of ridiculous but they really do cut your body up and give a slimming effect. The chains are edgy but the ribbon gives it a girly, more feminine feel.

Forever 21 Textured Geo Ring.
I totally love this ring and have been getting an enormous amount of compliments on it. It's so unique, yet so simple. Such a find.

I'm a pretty simple dresser. I love black, button downs and clean lines, which is why I love to up the volume with my accessories. This is pretty bad ass and I love it so.

Forever 21 Rhinestone Flower Necklace (no longer available).
Same as above, bling livens any outfit.

Forever 21 Demure Rhinestone Necklace (no longer available).
How amazing is this necklace? It's such a beautiful design and has this kind of retro feel to it.

Amrita Singh Faye Earrings - but I got them for an amazing price on Hautelook.
These are the ultimate glam girl piece. Every time I just try them on, I feel like I should be hitting up Miami Beach in my best clothes at the best party. The color is gorgeous as well.

Forever 21 Woven Chain and Rhinestone Bracelet (no longer available).
Forever 21 Gold Hinge Bangle (no longer available).
Forever 21 Woven Rhinestone Bracelet (no longer available).
Forever 21 Pyramid Stud Stretch Bracelets in Silver and Gold.

Obviously I love metals... I might as well give half of my paycheck to Forever 21... jeez.

My mom's vintage gold oversize chain necklace.
I've held onto this piece ever since I discovered it in my mom's jewelry drawer. I snuck it out and was pretty pleased when she didn't notice it's disappearance. It's a great length for button-downs that I love so much because it just peeks out behind the color for a bit of glam.

Forever 21 Gold Fringe Chain Necklace with Leather Detail (no longer available).

These are both some of my more "fun" necklaces. Pieces that probably won't last long in my closet but are super fun for right now! I've been wearing these nonstop!


  1. I really like the textured geo ring! I hardly wear jewelry but right now my favorites are from Elephantine on etsy.

  2. @ sara/ matchbox kitchen: thanks! definitely gonna check out that etsy shop - love etsy!

  3. man you make forever21 look so expensive :P

  4. btw loving this etsy store for accessories: http://www.etsy.com/shop/sonofasailor?ref=seller_info

  5. @ sammy s: loving that etsy shop! thanks :)

  6. I so envy your jewelry collection! So many versatile pieces.