Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tailored Tuesdays


I thought I'd take the opportunity to tell you that I am going to Chile (and a bit of Argentina)! I am studying abroad for about a month or so but fortunately, I will still have access to the internet... wheww! I will still be here blogging away but in advance, I'd like to let you know I will not be baking over in my new, temporary home. I wouldn't want to deal with new altitudes and foreign kitchens anyway. BUT, if you happen to see new recipes it's because they are ones I never got around to posting and it is highly likely that these Tailored Tuesdays might appear on Wednesdays due to my inability to deal with time changes!
1. Moschino "Silk and chiffon cocktail dress" 
2. Monica Vinader "Cabos labradorite necklace"
3. Jimmy Choo "Patent and suede shoulder bag"
4. Stella Mccartney "Canvas waist belt"
5. Jimmy Choo "Cat strappy sandals"

all images can be found at net-a-porter.com